Value creation design for tool making


Customer demands on tool making have a strong increase of individuality. At the same time tools have to be produced faster and more reliable. Successful tool shops have met these requirements by an efficient internal order fulfillment. For the future the only focus on the creation of efforts in the own company will not be enough to stay competitive. To achieve competitiveness tool shops need to redesign their value creation process completely. Thus the own industrial order fulfillment has to be connected with the integration of customers, suppliers and locations.

This seminar will enable you to design a complete value creation model for tool making. After an introduction including current challenges and trends a model for value creation design will be shown. As one of the next steps the relation of value creation and strategy of a tool shop will follow. Afterwards the fields of action in value creation design within tool making will be specified in four steps. Finally a practical lecture will complete the seminar day by the introduction of a successful value-added design in tool making.

A seminar for…
division managers and operators in companies as well as owners of companies in the tool and die industry.

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