Network design


For some time your customer has been asking you to follow him in a new market? The demands on your products and services are getting more and more various? You want to achieve full transparency and an optimization of your costs and lead times?

Companies that want to stay competitive need to position their pieces on the chessboard of global production. Here, the decision-making often is a non-transparent and a purely intuitional- and experienced-driven process. We support you in designing your global production network and optimize your production network regarding several goal criteria such as costs, delivery time, risks and complexity.

By means of our five step procedure we determine your future global footprint – derived from the strategy. In a first step, we build a database in order to collect all information regarding locations, products, sales figures, processes, resources and costs. Afterwards, we map the current state of your production network creating confidence in the model and calibrating it. Thereby, transparency with regard to your production network is achieved. As a follow-up, we optimize your global footprint regarding the total landed costs, delivery times and risks with jointly developed restrictions deriving a target state with respect to the global footprint of your company. This target state includes your specified goals and supports you regarding the derivation of actions for implementing the future global footprint.

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