Markus Meurer, M.Sc. RWTH
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Cluster Produktionstechnik 3A 254
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Research Group
Modelling and Evaluation of Cutting Processes


The fields of research of the group modelling and simulation are described by the topics specified down. In all domains different variants of procedures are worked on. Of many years extensive knowledge within the entire domain of cutting technology was acquired by the research, which permits both process developments and procedure optimisations. In close cooperation with the industry modern technologies are compiled to working maturity. Due to changes of technical and economical cases technical concepts must be constantly examined, improved and compared on current developments. The WZL supports an early consideration of new technology concepts and evaluation of alternative combinations of procedures.  


FE-Analysis of Cutting

For a complete description of the plastomechanic procedures during cutting, experiments are supported by process simulations. ... more...



Modelling in Cutting Technology

The staff members of this field of research are occupied with the modelful illustration of different subranges from cutting technology. ... more...



Experimental Validation of Cutting Models

Dealing with the reality, models are always aids developed to fulfill a fallback. Thereby models represent a simplification of the reality ... more...



Energy and Ressource Efficient Production

In the conflict area of growing world population and limited access to resources, the importance of efficient ... more...



Conferences and Seminars

Tomorrow's production is regarding quality and economy at a high achievement pressure. Innovations and high performance technologies offer new possibilities for time and cost rationalisations. ... more...




The employees of the group Modelling and Evaluation of Cutting Processes introduce themselves.


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