Foundations of strategic leadership for successful tool shops


For meeting the increasing intensity of competition in the tool and die industry, many tool shops conduct a fundamental change from manual to industrial orientated processes. Several challenges like derivation, the growing complexity of product manufacturing and the demographic changes force the industrial sector of tool making to conduct this change successfully and fast.

To meet the current challenges, especially managers in tool shops are in demand. Creativity and skills are not enough anymore but also a wide expert knowledge concerning strategic, organizational, technological and social skills takes an significant role.

As participant of the seminar you will be enabled to lead your tool shop successfully by taking into account the root of current challenges. For that, management and leading tasks will be analyzed and you will learn methods for strategy design and appliance, with which you can place your company strategically suitable. Furthermore current and successful organizational and technological concepts will be shown to increase the success of tool making sustainably.

A seminar for…
leaders, managers and owners of tool and die companies.

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