Machinability of γ-Titanium Aluminides


Objective of this project ManufacTiAl was to develop adapted tools and process strategies for the high speed turning and milling of TiAl alloys, in which micro crack free machined surfaces are of major importance. Against this background, technological sophisticated and optimized cutting technologies were developed within this research project, which guarantee economic manufacturing of gamma TiAl-blades. Innovative coolant strategies minimum quantity coolant (MQL), which was proven as beneficial in machining intermetallic titanium alloys and the innovative high pressure coolant as well as cryogenic cooling was analysed as coolant strategies. By using high pressure coolant, more heat than in comparison to conventional coolant can be removed out of the shear zone. Hence, tool wear which is traced back to thermal load can be reduced and tool life is enlarged. On the other hand the improved coolant results in higher cutting speeds.

The project team would like to thank the European Union for funding the research activities in the EFRE programme, and the federal state of NRW for the financial support.
The project „ManufacTiAl - Manufacturing Technology for innovative gamma TiAl components“ was funded by the European Union and the State Government of North Rhine-Westphalia.


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