Organizational Structure and Processes


Organizational excellence refers to the ongoing efforts of organizations to improve business processes. This includes an optimization of organizational structures as well as improving process organization. We offer quality-oriented qualitative and quantitative analyses to identify and realize potentials, which enable your business to master future challenges.

  • Qualitative Analysis
    Our Big Picture Method allows creating an overview of your organization’s perception of quality capability from multiple perspectives. A Big Picture of your organization emphasizes potentials and identifies operational and strategic improvement opportunities of your quality organization from an internal and external perspective.
  • Quantitative Analysis
    Our Quick Checks provide a quantitative analysis of the current quality capability within your organization. Therefore, we offer our standardized Quality Health Checks in four different departments (R&D, Production, Procurement and Complaint and Failure Management). Thereby, your organization’s performance can be benchmarked against established best practices.
  • Quality-related Process Consulting and Preparation for Certification
    Due to our long experience in quality-related research and practice in industry consulting, we combine expertise in classic quality management competencies, industry standards and new approaches. Our portfolio includes preparation for certification for the standards ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.