ProSense - Industry 4.0


“High-resolution production control based on cybernetic support systems and intelligent sensors”


In the research project ProSense (grant number 02PJ2495), a concept for a high-resolution, adaptive production control system on the basis of cybernetic support systems and intelligent sensor technology was developed and implemented prototypically. The control systems had to be designed so that they could optimally support the human decision maker when it comes to production planning and control. This was accomplished using high-resolution data from the production process and the intelligent visualization of that data. The goal is to significantly improve important company objectives such as delivery punctuality.

Research questions

  • How are the autonomous communicating sensor systems for the generation of high-resolution, real-time production data to be designed?
  • How can a database for securing high-resolution production and historical planning data be designed as a “single source of truth?”
  • How does a simulation-based, cybernetic support system for production control have to be designed in order for it to generate situation appropriate recommendations for actions?
  • How are innovative visualization concepts for the intuitive decision support for employees to be designed?

Further information about the consortium and research results and the final report can be found at

The project was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the concept “Research for tomorrow‘s production“ and the funding initiative “intelligent networking in manufacturing – a contribution to the project of the future, Industry 4.0”

Research support
The project is supervised by the Research Center Karlsruhe (PTKA) (grant number 02PJ2495).

Project period: 15.09.2012 – 14.09.2015

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