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Change Management
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Changes are key drivers of the economy. In order to adapt to the constantly changing requirements, enterprises continuously conduct change projects. However, even well prepared change projects frequently fail. After many investigations a "three-quarter"-rule proves to be true, according to which 75% of all change projects fail in practice. This obviously not only implies an enormous waste of resources due to the fact that thoroughly compiled plans are eventually scrapped, but also a severe demotivation of staff.

The ultimate success of change projects is determined by the ability to avoid a break between conception and implementation. Therefore, it is at an early stage that a plan for the whole process has to be outlined. This plan specifies the entire change process including which groups of interests in which form at which time are to be informed. Within this so defined structure all activities such as objective definition, analysis, conception and realisation are implemented and surveilled by means of adequate controlling.

In its research work the WZL studies and develops optimal approaches for the realisation of change projects and supports companies during implementation.

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