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am Forschungsbereich Produktionssystematik, Abteilung Fabrikplanung, Gruppe Werksstrukturplanung

Building Information Modeling + Python
Coding your way to the perfect factory!

Initial situation
When planning a factory, many planners are interlinked. Especially in the interface between production and construction planners (e.g. architects, statics engineers), coordination and efficiency problems are becoming increasingly frequent. This is where Building Information Modeling comes in. This methodology organizes the collaboration of various specialist planners, inter alia with specifications as to when exactly which level of detail of information must be delivered. Such maturity models should facilitate the coordination of the cooperation of the different planners. However, these maturity models must be operationalized in the software interfaces. This is where the thesis sets in. It will test the connection of informational maturity models to BIM by means of the Python coding language and present them conceptually.

The following tasks are to be solved (depending on the extent of the thesis):

- Application of a structured methodology for literature review regarding the status quo of research
(methodology given by institute)
- Definition and delimitation of a small maturity level model
- Definition of requirements for implementing the maturity level model into software by means of Python
- Generation of code elements for a model-based operationalization

We offer:

- Very extensive guidance, frequent synchronizations
- Operative insight in BIM-Software
- Joint exploration of Python
- Open solution field  creativity
- Self-reliant execution
- Very collegial working environment
- Introduction in scientific literature review
- Studies in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, PSE, CAME (or simi-lar)
- High motivation, commitment and initiative
- Independent and careful way of working
- Interest for Building Information Modeling
- Interest for learning or even already possession of knowledge in the coding language Python
Zeitaufwand: 250,00 Arbeitsstunden

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