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am Forschungsbereich Technologie der Fertigungsverfahren, Abteilung Zerspantechnologie, Gruppe Modellierung und Bewertung von Zerspanprozessen

Bachelor or Master Thesis: Classification of Cooling-Lubrication under Machining Conditions

Cutting fluids are widely used in the cutting process to fulfill three major functions: cooling, lubricating and carrying away chips from the cutting zone. Thus, cutting fluids substantial contribute to the high performance level of manufacturing processes. Among the primarily functions, cooling and lubricating strongly depends on the composition of the cutting fluid. Besides standard components such as oil or water, cutting fluids consist of several additives, such as corrosion inhibitors or bactericides, which influence the cutting fluids major properties. In terms of the machining process, only a few test benches exist which are able to assess the functional performance of cutting fluids under typical machining conditions. A benefit of a new test bench could be to extend the datasheet of the cutting fluid for its purpose.

The overall aim of this thesis is to develop a test bench that is able to assess the effect of different cutting fluids in terms of cooling and lubrication under conditions that are comparable to those of the machining process. After a profound literature review of existing test benches, such as tribometers, your task is to develop the test bench. Afterwards, experiments will be conducted to assess different kinds of cutting fluids.
- Studies of Mechanical Engineering / Production Engineering
- Motivation
- Founded interest in an experimental and theoretical task
- Fluent English
Zeitaufwand: 300,00 Arbeitsstunden

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