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Tooling in India: Development of a description model of the Indian tool and die making industry

Initial situation:
The worldwide tool demand is growing, while price pressure and competition are increasing.
For production companies as well as tool making companies new sourcing markets are going to become relevant in order to achieve cost benefits for tools and an efficient production. China and other emergent countries, for example in Eastern Europe, became more and more relevant during the last years. However, growing costs and partly political instabilities lead to a shift in the potentials of their tool and die industries. Due to that, markets in new countries like India gets interested for companies. In the past years the expertise of Indian tool making companies strongly increased, the infrastructure improved and due to the geographic location, they have a good logistical accessibility to Europe and Asia.

Problem formulation:
Target of this master thesis is to develop a description model of the Indian tool and die making market. Since the Indian tool and die industry is fairly unknown, this should include the deployment of categories of the whole industry, the elaboration of country-specific characteristics and their quantification. Additionally, the market potentials shall be assessed. Last but not least, determining factors, which are supposed to be adhered, should be derived.

•Development of the theoretical foundations of market characterization
•Analysis of the existing approaches for market characterization as well as characterization of the Indian tool making market
•Development of a description model for a systematic characterization of the Indian tool and die making market

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