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am Forschungsbereich Technologie der Fertigungsverfahren, Abteilung Zerspantechnologie, Gruppe Modellierung und Bewertung von Zerspanprozessen

Experimental determination of material behaviour under machining conditions

Experimental determination of material behaviour under machining conditions
Using FEM simulation techniques, we at the WZL are now in a position to calculate important properties of cutting processes to be designed even before production begins. Above all, highly automated production systems can be evaluated by numerical analysis for their stability and thus for their efficiency. By modeling the cutting process, expensive and time-consuming drive-in experiments in highly networked manufacturing systems can be avoided. The associated increase in productivity at falling costs is a timeless driver of production technology research projects at the WZL.

The material and friction models stored in the simulation program are fundamental for a valid model. The material models describe the relationship between the strain, the strain rate, the temperature and the yield stress of the material to be processed. To determine the semi-analytical material models, experimental machining tests are first carried out using the most up-to-date measuring techniques. The material parameters are then calibrated using FEM simulations so that the simulation results are in good agreement with the measured results.

In the context of this thesis both theoretical and practical activities in the field of application-oriented simulation of machining processes are carried out. This includes the planning and execution of machining tests as well as the preparation and evaluation of FEM simulations.

- Fluent in English

- Motivation and commitment

- Studies in mechanical engineering, materials science, CES or computer science

- Interest in experimental and theoretical work

- Team skills

We offer:

- Free and independent work with a good working atmosphere in a highly motivated team

- Contact to a large number of companies at national and international level

- Intensive support and training in the subject area
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