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Prediction and optimisation of the machinability of CFRP

Composites and especially Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) are being utilized in recent years in various industries, especially in the aerospace industry, due to their favourable combination of low weight and high strength as well as the adaptability of their material properties. The main driving forces for the use of CFRP at a greater extent are cost, environmental and technology benefits. However, the machinability of CFRP is very difficult because of delamination and the non-reproducible quality of the machined part. This material behaviour is due to the non-homogeneous CFRP microstructure that affects decisively its machinability. Hence, the economical and reproducible machining of CFRP presents currently a challenge to the tooling and machining industry.

The main objective of the master thesis is the development and validation of a microstructure based computation tool (ICME: Integrated Computational Materials Engineering) capable to predict and optimize the machinability of CFRP by drilling and milling operations including:
• Development and validation of 3D FE models for twist drilling and milling CFRP
• Determination and classification of the machinability of CFRP in tool life tests
• Determination of a correlation between the microstructure and machinability
• Optimisation criteria for CFRP microstructure design derived from cutting simulation.
- Motivation, commitment und teamwork capacity
- Careful and independent way of working
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