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am Forschungsbereich Technologie der Fertigungsverfahren, Abteilung Zerspantechnologie, Research Group Cutting Fundamentals

Investigation of a filtration support by dipole-induced agglomeration of the dirt particles contained in cutting fluid using an analogy test bench

Cutting fluid is a central component in machining and primarily fulfills the main functions: cooling, lubrication and the guarantee of a reliable chip removal. However, over the service life, the state of the cutting fluid changes, in particular due to dirt particles of tool material, workpiece material and other particles. To ensure a consistent quality of the cutting fluid, very complex filter systems are used. By means of filtration assisting High Tension System (HTS), the dirt particles in the cutting fluid are to be brought to the formation of agglomerates by dipole induction. These agglomerates are larger than individual particles and thus filterable by coarser fleeces, whereby the filtration costs can be reduced.


Within this project work, a test bench specifically designed for the investigations, is to be put into operation in order to be able to investigate agglomeration formation under conditions, which are as close to the industry as possible. This test bench is a belt filter system, as used in the metal machining. In collaboration with partners from the industry, investigations are carried out and evaluated on the test bench. The purpose of the investigations is the evaluation of the filtration performance with and without HTS by gravimetry and the analysis of the purity class of the fluid samples as well as by microscopy of the filter fleece.

In the course of this, the candidate will independently prepare, carry out and evaluate the experiments with the support of a research assistant.
In detail, the following subtasks are to be solved:
• Literature research and presentation of the state of the art
• Commissioning of the test bench
• Supporting the scientific staff in the planning, execution and evaluation of the test series
• Analysis and evaluation of the investigations
• Documentation of the work
• Motivation and commitment
• Interest in the practical application of the knowledge gained in the course of studies in the field of modern production technology

We offer:
• Intensive support and training in the subject area
• Direct contact with partners from the machine tool and coolant industry
• Collaboration on a current research topic
• Good working atmosphere in a highly motivated team
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