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am Forschungsbereich Technologie der Fertigungsverfahren, Abteilung Abtragende Fertigungsverfahren, Gruppe Elektrochemische Bearbeitung (ECM)

Simulation of flushing for Wire EDM Process

An automobile or an airplane are collection of different parts, which should work in harmony together. For production of each part due to its characteristics such as geometry, material properties etc, the suitable manufacturing process should be applied. For production of parts with high mechanical resistance and high aspect ratios, the wire electrical discharge machining (W-EDM) arises as one of the interesting methods for industry. During the W-EDM an electrically loaded wire cuts the couture trough the electrically loaded workpiece. The advantage of the W-EDM in comparison to the other manufacturing is its ability to process the material regardless of their mechanical properties. The removal of material during EDM process is result of the induced heat to the workpiece by each electrical discharge. The unwanted effect of the induced heat energy is the heating up the wire, which can cause wire breakage and reduction of the precision it the final produced. To overcome this problem the workpiece and wire are constantly cooled than by flushing the dielectric fluid. However, the fluid flow it self can cause the wire to break to oscillate. To have a stable process and preventing inaccuracy in the production process, the flushing condition should be designed. One way to determine the flushing parameters such as the velocity of fluid, pressure etc, is simulation of the fluid flow using the numerical methods such as FEM. The propose of this work is the determination of the flushing parameters by the fluid dynamic simulations.

During this project, you have the support of the whole team in each step of your work. You will work in a friendly and educative environment. The work will be finished in the proposed duration by the faculty.
Your task in this work will be as follows:

Study the basics of the fluid dynamics and EDM.
Simulation of the flushing process during the wire EDM process.
Decimation of your work

You need to have the below skills for this work:

Familiar with solid works
Basic knowledge on fluid dynamics
Discipline and hard work
Good English language both in conversation and writing.
Zeitaufwand: 300,00 Arbeitsstunden

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