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Technology screening of Cyber Physical Systems and user requirement oriented evaluation

Initial situation:
The step towards industry 4.0 is particularly important for manufacturing companies in order to maintain their competitiveness and innovative capacity. Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) are essential technology building blocks for the implementation of Industry 4.0. However, the transfer of the abstract term 'Cyber Physical Systems' as a solution component for their operational problems is particularly difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
The research project “cyberKMU²” is developing a CPS web platform that addresses the challenge of SMEs moving towards new trends and technologies despite with limited resources. The online platform can support the manufacturing SMEs to select the best CPS solution for their own needs.

Your task:
The goal of the thesis is to generate an overview of available CPS technologies on the market and to assess the functional characteristics of them. According to the common CPS usage scenarios, typical information process steps are concluded and related CPS technologies for each information process step are expected to be investigated in the thesis. In order to facilitate the matching of CPS technology functionality and requirements of individual use cases, a structural evaluation scheme considering requirement specifications will be developed. The findings of CPS technology screening will be subsequently assessed with the assistance of the evaluation scheme. Thus, the results of the thesis will serve as the data basis of the CPS matchmaker platform of the research project “cyberKMU²”.

To be offered:
- Well defined and structured task
- Extensive supervision
- Practice-oriented topics
- Fast processing
- Start immediately

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