Technology Strategy and Roadmapping

Thursday, November 12, 2020

What significance do your established technologies have for your company? What are your core technologies? What are technological goals that effectively lead to unique selling points? How can you realize these goals? How do you ensure that R&D projects are systematically selected, prioritized and - if necessary - discontinued in time?

With an explicitly formulated technology strategy you set priorities, make the right decisions and use your resources efficiently. In this way, you know which technologies to develop at what time and for what purpose. Roadmapping supports technology-oriented companies in implementing their technology strategy and thus makes an essential contribution to your competitiveness.

The goal of the seminar is a detailed presentation and consolidation of the essential elements of successful technology planning, technology strategy and technology roadmapping. Benefits, contents and procedures for the creation of technology strategy and roadmap are presented and company-specific approaches are developed. The focus of the workshop is on practice-oriented presentations based on findings from the Fraunhofer IPT's many years of consulting practice combined with work units in small groups. The maximum number of participants is 20.

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