Dr. rer. nat. Mario Kittel

Head of Department


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  Metallography Copyright: WZL/Kaufmann

Metallography supports the optimization of manufacturing processes with its investigations. To assess wear behaviour and coating adhesion, workpieces and tools from machining, ablative and forming production are examined. The focus is on the investigation of surface and edge zone properties with regard to microstructure, heat-affected zones, hardening, microcracks and deformation. The metallographic work covers all materials used in mechanical engineering. These include steels, cast materials, nickel-based alloys and non-ferrous metals such as magnesium, titanium and aluminium alloys as well as hard metals and ceramics. Modern lightweight alloys from aerospace technology and powder metallurgically produced materials can also be investigated.

For the metallographic examination of the samples, we use a variety of modern methods. In addition to stereo and light microscopes, a scanning electron microscope with a large sample chamber is available, which in many cases enables non-destructive examination of tools and workpieces. In addition, it is possible to perform qualitative and quantitative material analyses with the scanning electron microscope using energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX). The light and scanning electron microscope images can then be evaluated using digital image analysis.

We offer you corresponding examinations as a service. Due to the interdisciplinary approach between production technology and metallography, the WZL has many years of experience in preparation and analysis. Experienced staff will advise you on the professional evaluation of the results.

Main topics

  • microstructure characterization by light microscopy
  • scanning electron microscopy with EDX analysis
  • microhardness measurement
  • coating thickness determination by calotte grinding method
  • scratch and impact test for shift assessment
  • residual stress measurement by borehole method
  • contact angle measurement


  • Borehole method
  • Calowear
  • CamScan S2
  • Fischerscope HM2000
  • Kruss DSA 100e
  • Leica DMRM
  • Prometheus
  • Zeiss Axis Imager M2m