The Chair of Production Engineering in profile

The mission of the Chair of Production Engineering is to drive business development in industry from the perspective of continuous productivity increases. Digital solutions and business models are developed to ensure sustainable production. A particular strength lies in the close connection between engineering and business research.

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The Departments of the Chair

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Factory Planning

In factory planning, research is carried out on topics related to factory, plant structure and assembly planning, and manufacturing companies are supported in achieving their goals within the framework of consulting and planning projects.


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Innovation Management

The department's focus is on lean innovation to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of R&D. From variant management through modularization to product lifecycle management, a wide range of problems are addressed.

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Production Management

Overarching topics such as Industry 4.0 and Lean Production are accelerated in the development of solutions for the design of business processes. They are also involved in finding solutions in production planning and control for manufacturing companies.


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Corporate Development

Market intelligence, digitalization and toolmaking in various industrial and research projects are at the center. Solutions for the systematic selection of international sales and procurement markets are developed for the manufacturing industry.

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