Cluster of Excellence Internet of Production

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Aachen's renowned scientists from production engineering, computer science, materials science and economics, as well as ergonomics and psychology, have formed themselves to implement the Internet of Production - IoP - in order to jointly tackle interdisciplinary challenges such as the integration of production engineering models into data-driven machine learning.

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Research Projects

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In six research areas, basic research projects and research projects geared to the requirements of industry are carried out and. In addition, practical solutions for rationalizing production are developed. Learn more about research projects at the WZL.

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Production Engineering Cluster

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The Production Engineering Cluster was officially opened in May 2017. The research focus is on digitally integrated production.

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Funding bodies

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The research work carried out in the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) of RWTH Aachen University is largely funded by public funds.

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Our institute offers numerous publications that can be purchased directly from the chair or borrowed from the library.

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