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The basis for the digitalization of production in the sense of the "Internet of Production" is the valid recording of measurement data for the real-time recording of the production status and its traceability. The aim is to increase flexibility, efficiency and transparency in production. The main research areas of the Model-based Systems department are suitable sensor systems for data acquisition and the creation of models for linking sensor data and production processes.

Guided by the paradigm "Automation of Automation", the Model-based Assembly Automation group researches the paradigms of future assembly systems. Research topics of the group are, for example, novel control systems for line-free assembly, as well as automation and communication technologies (e.g. Reinforcement Learning, 5G) for the use of mobile robots and manipulators in assembly. The focus of the Large Scale Metrology group is on dimensional measurements using optical and tactile measuring methods and the development of distributed measuring systems for recording environmental influences, such as temperature distributions.
The Industrial Computed Tomography group focuses on data and model-driven networking of conventional and additive manufacturing processes with multidimensional imaging technologies based on X-rays, thermography and ultrasound as well as task-specific, camera-supported machine vision solutions. With the help of machine learning and industrial statistics, the Risk-based Process Control Group develops data-based models and methods for process optimization and for ensuring trustworthy decisions through a risk-based evaluation of the data used in the Internet of Production and in medical technology.

Our way of working is characterized by close cooperation with our partners in industry. This ensures that our research is closely related to practical issues and that the results are transferred from research to application.



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The Model-Based Systems department supports companies in the development and implementation of innovative sensor- and data-based solutions for production. The service spectrum ranges from classical analysis and consulting projects to the technical development of individual sensor solutions.

The unique combination of engineering and scientific expertise with many years of practical experience in consulting and development is our strength. We combine the latest findings from our research projects with industrially proven technologies and methods to achieve practical, tailor-made solutions for your production in a short period of time.

For the development of prototypes and demonstrators, we have an extensive selection of measuring systems, robots, machine tools and automation technology components at our disposal.

Our main topics are: customer-specific, production-integrated measuring systems, robot-based automation solutions for assembly, machine vision systems, sensor and production data evaluation with machine learning, process capability certificates, test process suitability certificates, machine tool calibrations, on-machine measurements, and automation solutions for tomographic processes.

In addition, we offer measuring services in the precision measuring room and with portable measuring systems. We also offer non-destructive testing of your workpieces using X-ray computer tomography (CT) and individual evaluation - for example sectional images, pore and cavity analysis, surface reconstruction, CAD alignment - as a service.