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Factory planning projects are characterised by a high degree of complexity, cooperation between different departments and manual work. In the future, planning activities will take place at shorter intervals. Especially in high-wage countries, significant costs arise within the product life cycle. Rapidly advancing developments in areas such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and data mining are constantly opening up new fields of application for these technologies. Certain processes or sub-processes of a planning project can be supported by these technologies. These new possibilities thus open up potential in terms of planning efficiency and effectiveness.

In this context, the Digital Factory Planning group is researching "factory planning at the push of a button" as a long-term leitmotif for the automation of planning processes. For the practical implementation of research results, the Digital Factory Planning group is gradually implementing them through the development of Digital Planning Assistants. This supports the planner in his daily work. Non-value-adding workloads are minimized and the planner can concentrate on his planning skills. A possible first application that is currently being researched is a voice-controlled assistant that reproduces questions and data from a data memory. The Digital Planning Assistant is also to be supplemented in the long term by methodological competencies based on the modular Aachen factory planning approach. This reduces the planning effort and increases the quality of the planning. Essential research topics are the definition of requirements regarding data management, the decision regarding automation and degree of automation as well as the construction of a toolbox for the automation of planning tasks.



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