Field of Expertise
Networking of Factory Planning Locations


By networking factory locations, synergies between different production locations can be exploited to the best of our ability. For example, expert knowledge can be transferred from one location to another. This data exchange can be realized in various ways. In this research area, the group of digital factory planning deals with the question of what can be learned from existing locations for factory planning.

Through horizontal networking, the opportunity should be seized to improve processes and communication within and between production sites. The focus is on the possibility of efficiently using the learning effects of others. On the technical side, the topic can be solved by digital twins of the factory and their virtual networking. On the planning side, a suitable knowledge management system will be developed to adopt planning information from past factory planning projects for future projects. One example is a lived factory planning standard.

In addition, the Digital Factory Planning of the WZL deals with the topic of data management and data preparation. The aim is to investigate how data from planning and operation can be used most efficiently and communally. An example with regard to the intelligent use of data communalities.



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