Innovative Method dedicated to the development of a ferrite-pearlite grade regarding it's Machinability


Production sectors like automotive, energy, healthcare and aerospace are faced strong competitive constraints from North America and Asia. To keep the European countries competitive and to create more and better jobs in Europe, investigations in new research areas and innovation is essential. Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) is one of most attractive emerging discipline for research and innovation because it can accelerate materials development, unify design and manufacturing, help to create new technology area, and hence provide significant economic benefit. Furthermore, ICME is very efficient tool to solve many problems in natural and engineering sciences. This project deals with the use of innovative ICME-Tools in basic research for the machinability evaluation of FP steels, including materials modeling, cutting simulation and optimization (cf. figure).

Main topics:

  • A deep understanding of the control mechanisms of FP steels in cutting operations depending on several microstructural parameters
  • Development and validation of integrated microstructure-based 3D FE simulation to predict the machining performance of FP steels
  • Acceleration of materials development and unifying design and manufacturing
  • Linking of different disciplines for research and innovation (interdisciplinary)
  • Creation and use of sophisticated techniques for training future engineers.

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