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Numerical Modeling and Process Design


Investigation of the influence of reversing stroke profiles on the workpiece properties in deep drawing with servo-press technology

Through the application of servo-presses, it is possible to use reversing strokes in deep drawing. This can help improve the formability of the material and extend the range of achievable geometries. Increasing requirements of the industry to workpiece complexity can be fulfilled this way.

In the ServoDrawing project, the influence of a reversing stroke profile and of the number of reversions on the mechanical load profile of the material and on the occuring friction is investigated. The influence of a possible activation of non-hardened slip systems after the back-stroke and of a relaxation in the sheet on formability is analysed. Furthermore, the various tribosystems relevant to deep drawing (blank holder-sheet-mould, stamp-sheet) are examined. Investigation is done using both numerical models and experiments.


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