Development of an innovative dry broaching process


An approach to reduce the broaching manufacturing costs is to increase the process parameters while maintaining or even increasing the tool life. Further developments in the field of cutting materials provide a promising potential to reduce the manufacturing costs. Therefore, the main objective of this project is to develop innovative broaching tools based on a carbon-free cutting material with a focus on the technology of dry broaching. The principal aim of the new development is to widen the tooth module of internal teeth above 1,5. For a successful development of the tools, an optimized layout of the manufacturing process and of the tools is necessary. Grinding technology and heat treatment as well as the coatings of the new cutting material need to be developed and optimized for the production of the complex and larger broaching tools compared to other cutting tools. Broaching tools are precision tools featuring multiple blades, with partly different infeed and a defined manufacturing geometry, therefore the tool layout has a particular value. The tool layout consists of the tooth-macro- and microgeometry layout, the flutes and the tooth pitch. Besides the geometrical tool layout, the influence of the cutting speed on the tool life needs to be analyzed systematically to achieve the maximum attainable tool productivity.

The research is promoted by the Federal Ministry of economics and technology in the “Zentralen Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand” with the support of AiF.


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