High Performance Cutting (HPC) Conference in Aachen


Facing the current market situation with its economic upswing the production technology sector is under pressure to perform at the highest level. However cost and time pressure should not hinder important progress with regard to increasing productivity. Rather innovative production concepts and high performance technologies must lead to new approaches for time and cost optimization in production. In this context the Technology of High Performance Cutting (HPC) stands for a significant reduction of main and through-put time. The reduction is reached by an increase in material removal rate, by adapted tool and machine tool concepts as well as by an integrated consideration and optimization of the process chain. As part of the conference specialists from industry and research will share their insights and experiences in the area of high performance cutting with a geometrically defined cutting edge. The conference will function as a forum for discussion and includes the practical demonstration of current research results in the area of cutting technology. For more information please go to: .


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