Increasing drilling and milling processes productivity in difficult to machine materials using internal Cryo/MQL delivery


Cooling and lubrication of machining processes with cryogenic assistance (CO2 or LN2), in combination with minimum quantity lubrication (MQL), provides high potential for increasing productivity in machining different workpiece materials (i.e. Titan, steel alloys, etc.). However, in order to exploit this potential, still missing is more comprehensive basic knowledge on cryogenic purposed cutting tools and the simultaneous delivery of both fluids (CO2 and MQL) through the small cutting tools (d < 12 mm). Just in this way, the objective of flexible and successful delivery through the machine tool spindle and small tool diameter cutting tools, supplying both fluids on the machining centers (MC) and into the drilling and milling processes, can be realized. The overall objective of the project is thus to explore technology and full carbide cutting tools with d <12 mm, with additional analyses and development of the solutions for combined cryogenic and MQL medium internal delivery on the machining centers. With this the goal is to bring this technology closer to the SME's and offer them the opportunity to implement cryo technology high performance potential, for increasing productivity in drilling and milling processes of prismatic components.

To realize this, research and development work is going to be performed out on several levels. These include the basic research on the mechanisms of the drilling and milling processes using CO2 and LN2 as cryogenic media in combination with MQL, the research on development of customized through deliveries and tool concepts for the internal supply of cryo/MQL media, the identification of appropriate operating conditions, and the assessment of the ecological and economic potential of cryo/MQL technology. Results of the work are besides the scientific contribution, expected also via recommendations to the tooling industry for the design directions of drilling and milling full carbide tools that have d<12 mm and are customized for combined cryo/MQL supply, and their economic use on MC, especially in the SMEs applications.

The project „InKryo“ (IGF 19122 N) is funded by Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy within the program "Industrial Collective Research for SMEs (german. "Industrielle Gemeinschaftsforschung", IGF) via German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (german: AiF Arbeitsgemeinschaft industrieller Forschungsvereinigungen „Otto von Guericke“ e.V. ).


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