By means of analyses, the metallography supports the optimization of manufacturing processes. For the assessment of wear behavior and coating adhesion workpieces and tools from cutting, electro discharge and electro chemical machining and forming are analyzed. The focus lays on the analysis of surface and surface layer properties regarding microstructure, heat affected zones, hardness increase, micro cracks and plastic deformation. The metallographic works comprise of materials that are applied in mechanical engineering. Among them are steels, cast materials, nickel-base alloys, non-ferrous metals such as magnesium, titanium and aluminum alloys as well as cemented carbides and ceramics. Furthermore, modern light weight alloys from aerospace and powder-metallurgical materials can be analyzed.

For the metallographic analyses of specimens we revert to a multitude of modern processes. Besides stereo and light microscopes, a scanning electron microscope (SEM) with a large chamber is available. It often makes the nondestructive examination of tools and workpieces possible. In addition, the energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) technology makes qualitative and quantitative material analyses possible. The light and SEM images can subsequently be evaluated using digital image interpretation.

We offer you corresponding analyses as services. Due to this interdisciplinary approach between production engineering and metallography the WZL has many years of practical experience regarding the preparation and analysis. Experienced employees advise you in terms of the technical interpretation of the results.

Main topics:

  • Microstructure analysis by light microscopy
  • Scanning electron microscopy with EDX-analysis
  • Micro hardness measurement
  • Determination of coating thickness by calotte grinding
  • Scratch and impact test for coating assessment
  • Residual stress measurement by borehole method
  • Contact angle measurement



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