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Factory Information Modelling (FIM)


Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a method for creating digital models of buildings and infrastructure. The Factory Information Modelling (FIM) is based on this and defines a methodology for digital factory modelling for greenfield and brownfield projects, according to the motto of an integrated production and industrial planning of the WZL.

The aim of the FIM is to develop a tailor-made digital model for the end user. Therefore, the focus is on the following questions: Who is the customer/user for the different project phases (planning, construction, operation)? What are the specific needs of each phase and how can they be linked or combined? In addition, the question of the required level of detail is crucial in order to ensure efficient model creation and high usability.

The aim is that digital factory models created in the future can be used in the planning phase as well as in the construction and operating phases. Together with our experts in plant structure and assembly planning, we identify relevant use cases to optimize models for future users. Ideally, precautions are already taken during the initial planning of a production facility and an industrial building to enable the later integration of industry 4.0 data into the digital models and to ensure the usability of the initial digital factory model from pure planning to operation.

As a result of successful FIM planning, a digital factory model used and validated in planning and construction exists, so that digital model and built reality are identical. This digital factory twin now enables far-reaching usage possibilities, e.g. the integration of industry 4.0 data for real-time factory monitoring, the simulation of production flows or the planning of future factory developments.



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