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Industrial Research Group Lubricoolant Technology


The Lubricoolant Research Group is an association of companies co-operating with the WZL Aachen GmbH and the WZL of the RWTH Aachen University on a precompetitive basis for solving lubricoolant-specific tasks. The collaboration between the industry and the university has the aim to provide an integrative overall concept for eliminating waste in use of lubricoolants across all manufacturing technologies. For a resource-efficient use of lubricoolants leading producing companies of different industrial sectors are co-operrating, e.g. automotive manufacturing and supplier industry, aerospace industry, machine tool manufacturing, lubricoolant manufacturing, chip processing system manufacturing, pumps and filter manufacturing and lubricoolant periphery. The research topics and the research results are kept in confidence and only made available to the members of the Lubricoolant Research Group. Your industrial challenges determine the annual research program. The research topics are orientated on the needs of the participating companies. Considered processes include the manufacturing technologies of cutting, grinding and forming.

The membership is open to any company and institution. The annual member fee for membership is depending on the number of employees of the new member.

Main topics:

  • Influence of solid particules in lubricoolants on process results
  • Practical design criteria for lubricoolant systems (»lean engineering«)
  • Detection of residual amount of dirt in lubricoolants
  • Analysis of energy- and resource flows of lubricoolant system components
  • Design criteria for filtration plants depending on the production process



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