Core Competencies
of the WZL Gear Department


The close cooperation between the three groups in the field of gear technology has a long tradition at the WZL. From the holistic analytical approach resulting in the combination of manufacturing and construction, validated models and methods are developed in the gear technology, which would not have been possible with a singular approach. This enables the prudent handling of questions from industry in the past. The intensive cooperation between research groups has led to several core competences, which represents the added value of integrated approaches of manufacturing and engineering technology in gear research. For preparation of responses to existing research questions in each presented competence area, the capabilities of all research groups are bundled.

Tolerance-Based Gear Design

Analysis and Optimization of Manufacturing Processes Based on Simulations and Experiments

Surface Integrity

Optimization of Gear Acoustics and Dynamics

Local Strength and Efficiency Analysis

Application-Oriented Testing Methods

Application-Oriented Design of Process Chains

Training of Managers and Specialists for the Gear Technology



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