Development of adapted tools and machining strategies for increased productivity and process reliability for threading and drilling of hard-to-cut lead free copper alloys


Goal of this research project is to increase productivity and process reliability for drilling of small bore diameters (D ≤ 1 mm) and for thread production of hard-to-cut lead free copper alloys. To realize this objective, the primary machinability problems of selected copper alloys are investigated and analyzed as a first step. In the second step, tool geometries, cutting materials and coatings, machining strategies and parameters as well as cooling lubricant strategies are optimized. The currently missing know-how of an economical way to manufacture parts made of lead free copper alloys shall be passed on to the copper industry. As a result, the production with lead free copper alloys shall reach the same level of efficiency as with plumbiferous alloys.

We are grateful to the research association “Stifterverband Metalle e.V.” for its financial support for project 17953 N which was provided via the AiF as a part of the programme to support industrial community research and development (IGF), with funds from the federal ministry of economics and technology (BMWi) following an order of the german federal parliament.


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