Field of Reserach
Model Based Process Design


The grinding process is a complex manufacturing system which comprises a high number of process input, process and process output parameters. The knowledge of the cause-effect correlations of these parameters enables to a knowledge-based process design. Due to the complex correlations, which are characterized by several interdependencies, models are needed, which describes, explain or predict the real correlations.
These models as described above are developed by the grinding group of the WZL for different grinding process variants. The research efforts focus on the grinding processes external cylindrical grinding, surface grinding (deep, pendulum and speed stroke grinding), tool grinding and vibratory finishing. Further investigations deal with grinding wheels and the dressing process.

Main topics:

  • Developement of models for an advanced process unerstanding in grinding
  • Process design
  • External cylindrical grinding (between centers and centerless)
  • Surface grinding (deep and pendulum/ speed stroke grinding)
  • Tool grinding
  • Free abrasive grinding
  • Grinding wheels



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