High frequency process and machining data analysis in EDM


Your Benefit

Due to the very complex processes within a spark discharge and the high-frequency sequence, the measurement of physical quantities during the spark erosion process is complex and error-prone. In order to capture the relevant process variables and optimize the process on this basis, a robust measuring and evaluating tool is required. With the analysis chain presented here, the erosion process can automatically or partial automatically be improved.

Our Approach

By analyzing the current and voltage signals, the actual electrical process parameters can be determined. Based on the development of these variables over time, characteristic parameters such as the actual discharge frequency and the effective duty cycle can be determined. These characteristic parameters are able to describe and evaluate the process. By monitoring the process parameters resulting from the sum of the influencing factors, the influence of individual manipulated variables on the entire process can be investigated separately and the interactions can be identified.

Our Services

• Analysis of the established erosion process.
• Identification of process weaknesses.
• Process optimization using high-frequency process analysis.


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