Umformende Fertigungsverfahren
Trends in der Umformtechnik


The influence of social, ecological, legislative and technological trends on forming technologies is multifaceted. Globalization and rising global competition, climate change, resource scarcity, and digital production are a few examples of the trends currently shaping the forming industry. These challenges are to be precautionary addressed in order to maintain the business sustainability in the future. We help your company to take on new exciting challenges and successfully solve them based on our state of the art expertise in metal forming.

Main topics:

  • Extension of process limits and reduction of process times by means of servo press technology
  • Blanking and clinching of alternative materials for e-Mobility
  • Characterization of lubricants and tool coatings for environmentally friendly tribological systems for forming applications in the context of green factory and dry forming
  • Cross-linking and analysis of forming processes in the context of Industrial Internet (Industry 4.0)
  • Incremental surface layer modification of high strength materials for light weight design



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