Influence of Aluminum Content in Titanium Alloys on Machinability by Sinking EDM and resulting Part Functionality (DFG)


Your Benefit

In turbomachinery component manufacture common materials are various alloys. Namely, besides nickel alloys, these are lowly alloyed titanium materials like Ti6Al4V but also intermetallic γ-TiAl. Sinking electrical discharge machining (sinking EDM) is a key technology in turbomachinery industry. Unfortunately, the machinability of named titanium materials is not sufficiently understood yet. Only after specific knowledge about effects during the machining a deterministic process design can be assured.

Our Approach

Within the framework of the project funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) machining operations are carried out to investigate on the influence of aluminum content in titanium alloys on machinability and to evaluate basic effects of that. The effects are seen as metallurgical changes in the workpiece rim zones, which interact with the machining process but also affect the part functionality significantly.

Our Services

• Analysis of the influence of process variables on effects during machining.
• Analysis of the interaction of effects with aluminum content in titanium alloys.
• Rim zone analysis.
• Prediction of the workpiece rim zone in titanium aluminum alloys.


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