HoFePro: High performance cutting processes for the manufacturing of profiled grooves


Gas turbines are one of the most significant components for the aviation and energy production. The heat resistant carrier wheels fitted with blades represent the core piece of gas turbines. The connection of the blades with the disk in the field of turbines is realized through a form locking connection. Today, these profile grooves are exclusively brought in with the procedure of broaching, which is characterized by a very high precision and process reliability. The disadvantage of this process lies within the weak flexibility and that according to the state of the art the cutting material used for cutting nickel-based-alloys is high-speed-steel, which only allows low cutting speed. Furthermore, broaching means a break in the process chain because broaching machines are process-specific special machines and the pre-machining can be done integrated on a machining center. Within the HoFePro project, project-partners research alternative manufacturing processes for the production of profile grooves, like high-productive pre-milling-processes with ceramic cutting materials and broaching with carbides, as well as a combination of both in one process chain. The objective is to improve the productivity and flexibility when machining profile grooves.

This project is funded by the federal ministry of education and research (BMBF) within the framework "Hochleistungsfertigungsverfahren für die Produkte von morgen". www.benchwerk.de


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