Core Competence
Training of Managers and Specialists for the Gear Technology


In power train technology is still a huge demand for highly qualified employees. To face future challenges with new developments, the industry needs to meet this demand. Thereby, the gear technology is a specialized sector in which a key priority is to educate employees. By cooperating with the gear department of WZL specialized employees can be precisely trained on future issues. The gear department of WZL is constantly preparing students and PhD candidates for challenges in the industry. Additionally, the industrial expertise can be expanded by the offered seminars.

In gear department of WZL almost 80 employees deal with questions about gears and transmissions. The considered focuses include areas of gear manufacturing, gear design and simulation of gear systems and their manufacturing processes. The gear technology is investigated in public founded research projects. The recognition-oriented questions about gear technology are dealt with in research projects at WZL. In research question, which are close to application, the scientists’ work is carried out with support of the industry. Often, the education of students is supported by internships and theses which can be relaized in cooperation with our partners in industry.

In their research projects the research associate are supported by student assistants. These students come out of the fields of mechanical engineering, materials science, and computer science. By the student participation the prospective engineers get a unique opportunity to gain a view into the research environment of gear technologies. Furthermore, the students have the opportunity to gain first experiences in creating systematic test series and scientific texts, by working on their project, bachelor and master theses. Due to their cooperation in scientific projects at WZL, a career in a gear technology company is often a preferred choice. In many times, student participation in the gear department leads into a career as a scientist at the WZL.
As part of the scientific career at WZL the scientists handle research and industrial projects. By combining the technical processing and the project management, employees will be specialists in transmission technology soon. In addition to the technical knowledge, the organizational and representative skills are trained. The scientific employees have the opportunity to combine the experience gained in a thesis and thus to obtain the academic degree doctor of engineering. Through the experience gained in the context of scientific work at WZL, graduates have the best conditions to embark a career as a specialist or manager in industry.

In addition to the training of its own employees, the department of gear technology offers a variety of seminars. For this reason the gear and transmission industry has the opportunity to participate in the long-term experience of the department and to enhance their own professional knowledge. The selection of seminars ranges from basics of gear technology to specialized seminars. The technologies for gear manufacturing and for gear design are equally considered. Furthermore, WZL offers tailored workshops to learn own developed software solutions.
Only through the cooperation of the employees of the department gear technology and the industry, it is able to offer the training of specialists and executives in the transmission technology in today's dimensions.

The Aim: Individual Solutions
- Knowledge transfer to partners in industry
- Customized trainings and seminars in your company
- Establishment of graduate contacts
- Education of students


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