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Alternative Materials


Materials are an essential part in the scientific analysis of metal forming problems. The research is focusing on the one hand on the workpiece material and otherwise on the tool materials. The formability of iron and steel materials and non-ferrous metal is process specific verified and evaluated. The focus of the research is on material side the feasibility of forming processes as well as the substitution of conventional material systems. In this context the verification of process capability of suitable tool materials such as cold work tool steel, high-speed steels or cemented carbide is carried out in order to ensure a safe forming process. Wear analysis are used for the evaluation of the tool quality during its usage to provide optimization potential with regard to the application of coatings as well as of the adaptionof process parameters.

In this complex context the glass fiber-reinforced and carbon fiber reinforced plastics (GRP, CFRP) are a particular challenge. The laminar structure of these composites and the material properties are still unresearched for metal forming processes (eg. Shearing). Using experimental and numerical methods as well as different analysis methods derived new evaluation strategies for determining the process capability of GRP and CFRP in forming processes.

Main topics:

  • Wear analysis
  • Tactile methods
  • Light microscopy and SEM
  • Comparative assessement of material systems
  • Feasibility studies for new material systems
  • Development of methods for evaluation of material systems for various forming processes



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