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The research group “Electrical Discharge Machining”…

…consists of a group of companies involved in the EDM industry which cooperate with the WZL Aachen GmbH and the WZL of the RWTH Aachen University to solve specific technological problems. This corporate consortium is composed by companies which work in the area of development and manufacturing of EDM machinery, as well as in the development of process fluids and electrode materials. Complementing this working group there are leading end-users involved which help guiding the research of this manufacturing process towards user-oriented developments. The structure of the working group allows merging practical knowledge with fundamental research. This builds a basis for quick and company specific use of the results for the further development of technologies and products.

Based on your specific problems and interests the yearly research program is built together. The research subjects are oriented towards the needs of the members of the working group based on practical and fundamental knowledge in the areas of EDM and ECM processes.

The research results are treated confidentially and will be delivered only to the members of the Industrial Research Group on EDM.

Research topics 2016/ 2017:
- Modellierung fluiddynamischer Phänomene in der elektroerosiven Bearbeitung,
- Fortführung der Drahtfunkenerosion von mechanisch hochbeanspruchten Bauteilen – Auswirkung auf die Bauteilfunktionalität,
- Fortführung der Ansätze zur Modellierung von Gefügeumwandlungen in der Funkenerosion,
- Fortsetzung der Grundlagenuntersuchungen zur funkenerosiven Senkbearbeitung mit Graphit als Elektrodenwerkstoff,
- Grundlagenuntersuchungen bei der Bearbeitung von Hochleistungswerkstoffen im Hinblick auf den Einfluss von Polarität und Entladedauer auf das Abtragverhalten,
- Seitenspaltphänomene in der elektrochemischen Metallbearbeitung im Hinblick auf hohe Aspektverhältnisse.

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