Technology Screening


The possibilities for the manufacturing of components continuously develop further in almost all industries. In order to remain competitive in long-term, manufacturing companies have to identify and evaluate alternatives for adapting their manufacturing technologies early.
For this reason, the potentials of manufacturing technologies have to be systematically identified considering their application. The large number of alternative manufacturing technologies and the resulting amount of information which has to be processed are very challenging.

To ensure your future competitiveness, we support you with a systematic identification and evaluation of potential manufacturing technologies for your products. This involves existing as well as new production tasks in your company.
Through our integration into the research landscape of the RWTH Aachen, we have direct access to the latest innovations within the field of manufacturing technology. The necessary resources to ensure a targeted evaluation of the potential of manufacturing technologies regarding your requirements are therefore available to us.

Main topics:

  • Systematic specification of requirements
  • Technology screening to identify potential alternative manufacturing technologies
  • Detailed technological and economical evaluation of the identified alternatives



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