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Investigation of the thermomechanical interdependencies in the shear zone at fineblanking of warmed higher-strength sheet materials (HotFib)

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Fineblanking is because of the high quality of the cutting edge and the resulting efficiency concerning energy and ressources of utmost importance for production technique. The method allows to introduce various forming procedures into the cutting process. Therefore it is an important technology for producing an abundance of different product geometries. Starting materials are sheets of well-defined sheet thickness. The tooling setup is complex and requires a threefold operating press in order to applicate separate forces to cutting die, hold-down unit and counter die. For extension of the method boundaries a concept will be developed. By warming the sheet materials, higher strength sheet materials can be treated and process forces can be reduced.

The aim of the research project is to describe the phenomena and to determine the relations between cause and effect concerning the thermomechanical interdependencies in the shear zone in order to enable fineblanking of higher strength sheet materials by means of inductive warming. In order to achieve the project goal, a first step comprises apparative adaption and calibration of inductive warming. A second step adds experimental fineblanking of a warmed sheel material to analyze the thermomechanical interdependencies and to investigate the product quality and properties. Numerical simulations based on finite elemente method will be executed in order to determine variables such as stress and strain and will be correlated with experimental results. The result of the research project will be a comprehensive and validated explanatory model of the cause and effect relations in fineblanking of warmed higher strength sheet materials.

The project partners wish to thank Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) for the sponsorship of the presented research project Erforschung der thermomechanischen Wechselwirkungen in der Scherzone beim Feinschneiden von höherfesten erwärmten Blechwerkstoffen.


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