Department EDM/ECM Processes
Train of Machinery and Test-Benches


After the fire in February 2016 we were able to rebuild our train of machinery and test benches, especially due to the help of our industrial partners.

The department of EDM and ECM has an extensive and modern train of machinery. Due to this many relevant process variants can be investigated. Equipped with sensors for monitoring of current- and voltage curves, process forces and machine position data a comprehensive process data acquisition and evaluation is possible. Further the WZL is able to fall back on its own measuring room with extensive measurement tools to measure machinery tools and workpieces with high precision. Thereby fundamental research as well as individual investigation based on the application can be performed successfully.

Further Test Benches, Measurement and Metallography:
- Rumul Cracktronik for fatigue resistance investigations (characterisation of the surface integrity)
- Equipment for measuring of also high frequency discharges and currents
- Measuring room with KMG, tactile and optical measuring instruments, inter alia
- Metallography including REM, light microscopy and determination residual stresses, inter alia



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