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Static and Dynamic Assessment of Socio-Technical Production Systems


Process control and technology know-how are unique selling points of the production location Germany. Current evaluation approaches during capital acquisition and due diligence processes completely neclegt the production related aspects of company assessment.

The goal of the DFG funded project KL 500/109-1 are the holistic modeling and reactive evaluation of sociotechnical manufacturing systems. The assessment focusses on the social and the technical sub-system. The technical sub-system comprises all practically implemented scientific knowledge whereas the social sub-system contains the skills available within the company and the implicit know-how of its employees. Furthermore, the organisation of the sociotechnical system possesses a significant impact on the dynamics of the systems.

Within the framework of the research project a descriptive model for sociotechnical manufacturing systems is derived. Basic relations and the emergent properties of sociotechnical manufacturing systems are investigated and depicted for the first time. The sociotechnical system may be evaluated through the holistic modeling of both sub-systems and their relations/organisation. Identifying suitable reference models the sustainability of the manufacturing system under static conditions and market dynamics may be evaluated. Market dynamics in this context are characterized by changes in the number of variants, the product range and production volume.



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