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Numerical Modelling and Process Design


Time Efficient numerical methods for tool optimization in cold forging (OptKMU)

In cold forging, mostly net shape components are being produced. Such components are characterized by high dimensional accuracy and present excellent mechanical attributes due to the induced strain hardening during the forming process at room temperature. Disadvantageously, the high process forces that occur during cold forging put enormous stress on tool and machines. This has direct influence on the attainable geometric quality. The complex modeling of the complete system, consisting of press, tools and workpiece, during process design based on the numerical methods enables higher geometrical precision with resulting prolonged tool life span.
The aim of this project enfolds the development of a novel, combined simulation methodology for calculating the tool strain by modeling the complete tool system and the press rigidity. Thereby, a time efficient application of a numerical shape optimization based on the predominant tool strain becomes possible. First, a method is worked out, in which the Boundary-Element-Method (BEM) and the Finite-Element-Method (FEM) are combined, to enable a precise calculation of the cold forging process. The numerical models are validated using experimentally obtained data. By coupling the previously mentioned methods, a complex yet time efficient consideration of the process is made possible. This in hand enables iterative, numerical optimization measures regarding stress maxima and elastic tool elongation in the complete workpiece-tool-press interaction. A high component quality is thus obtained. That simulation methodology is then integrated into a numerical algorithm for shape optimization. The goal of this optimization is the numeric layout of an adaptive load dependent tool design.

The project partners thank the German Research Foundation (DFG) for supporting the presented research project Time efficient Numerical Methods for Tool Optimization in Cold Forging


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