Field of Research
Modelling in Cutting Technology


The staff members of this field of research are occupied with the modelful illustration of different subranges from cutting technology. First individual system borders are specified, so that afterwards the structure of physical effects of a small, visible subsystem can be analysed. Only if the structure of this system is perfectly clear, models can be developed, whose assist the describtions of the substantial characterisation of the system. The system analysis uses classical models which are well-known of physics, which are adapted to the cases of cutting. For this the staff members can fall back to a large experimental and theoretical wealth of experience and exchange themselves ideally with the staff members of other fields of research within and outside of cutting technology. This is necessary, so that the character of validity of the developed models can be determined on the basis experimental results.

Main topics:

  • economies of scale by cutting



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Markus Meurer, M.Sc. RWTH
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