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Noise and excitation behavior


Noise and excitation behavior

To investigate the noise and excitation behavior of transmissions the gear research group owns several flexible test rigs. These test rigs enable the examination of single gear sets with idealized gearbox and stiffness requirements as well as various transmission types and powertrains in their original stage or the current development stage. The characterization of the emitted noise or the excitation behavior can be done by standardized methods or according to predefined customer requirements. The test rigs allow airborne and structure-borne noise measurements, single-flank and contact rolling tests as well as contact pattern tests. Besides microphones and acceleration sensors the gear research group provides high resolution angle encoders and angular acceleration sensors. The gear research group is able to examine the noise and excitation behavior of cylindrical, bevel or hypoid gears by using specially developed measurement cells. The investigation of gear sets within gear boxes or total power trains can be conducted on 2-engine or 3-engine test rigs. Compared to the single-flank testers the multiple engine test rigs are able to measure the transmission error or the differential angular acceleration. The combination of the existing measuring systems with the carried out test rigs concepts enable to a simple determination of the sound power level as well as a complex spectral analysis of differential angular acceleration in cases of single gear sets, various transmissions and power trains.

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