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Tribology and Efficiency


Tribology and Efficiency

As a result of the forces and the characteristic kinematics, gear flank surfaces are loaded tribologically. In addition to this load and speed conditions, the technical characteristics of tooth flank surfaces such as surface roughness and structure and the properties of the intermediate and environment media determine the tribolobgical contact of mating gears. Optimization of the tooth flank contact with regards to tribological aspects can both an increase of the flank load carrying capacity as the efficiency of a gear transmission. For this reason, the field of tribology is continuously in focus of the public and industry-related research of the Gear Department of WZL. A research focus is on the analysis of tribologically optimized manufacturing-related product properties. In addition to different surface structures depending on the used manufacturing processes, the impact of tribologically active additives in the production process and operation of gears is investigated. Further content are the geometric optimization of the contacting tooth flanks and the surface treatment through the use of superfinishing and PVD coatings. The methods used range from the simulation of the tooth flank contact in the tribological roller test to efficiency measurements at single gear stages and transmission under practical conditions. In addition, different, standardized test methods for the analysis of gear lubricants under tribological aspects in the back-to-back gear test rig are offered.



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