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Integrated industry 4.0 planning approach


Due to the strong changes in production within the framework of the integration of industry 4.0 components, the planning processes of factory planning are also changing. In particular, current discussions focus on how the integration of digital connected production resources in the planning phase as well as in operation could be used in advance. Two scenarios have to be distinguished: first the new planning of a factory with networked production technologies or second the learning of an already built factory with corresponding technologies.

In the first scenario, a fundamental evaluation of the necessary I4.0 technologies is necessary and which prerequisites must be created for a successful integration. These can be, for example, interfaces for data streams in the planning model or budget limits in planning.

In the second example, requirements and data from an existing infrastructure can already be used and supplemented with methods or technology in the analysis process.

By recording data of production resources and integrate these into a production model, simulation models of different scenarios are possible before decisions for a fixed variant of a factory are made. This approach enables to work optimally towards the factory variant which suits the product best and also to provide space for future expansions in line with set requirements.

During operation, the model used in the planning phase should be able to simulate the production situation in real time on the one hand and provide a simulation based on the current premises for the future development of production on the other hand. Intelligent products, which can communicate e.g. via RFID technology, complete such a vision of a virtual representation and prognosis on real-time data.

This makes the factory planning process more effective and the company benefits from the work already done in planning for an integrative and robust production control. These synergies need to be developed and driven in a user-oriented way in the research field of digital factory planning.


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